Safety First is Safety Always
We ensure safety

Our Safety Measures

If people are safe they make the society and community safer. This rationalizes safety philosophy at KMT. We have incorporated stringent safety measures for our ground and moving team. Safety and mock drills keep the employees vigilant at all times. We have dedicated trainers for all the employees irrespective of the levels and grades. Our in house trainers keep a watch at the training requirements as per the calendar which is an ongoing process.

We have set a process which closely examines accidents, if any, with a root cause analysis done and case study prepared to be shared amongst all the employees. A team of counselors is vigilant all the time and they perform their duties in pre and post trip with the drivers and the helpers.

The team also checks on route safety of the cargo and drivers. We have made a rule in our safety manuals of prohibiting night driving.

  • Safety is a habit.
  • In depth accident analysis for eradication for root level causes.
  • Surprise checks en route for safety of cargo and drivers.
  • Night driving not allowed, tracking team 24 hours.
  • Pre and post trip counseling for drivers and crew.
  • In-house trainers and expert outside trainers for drivers and staff at all levels.

We conduct various interaction sessions with our drivers to understand the problems appearing in the cargo journey so that we can take relevant safety measures.

We strengthen pre-loading inspections system at CBU yard.

Our risk analysts investigate accidents, as and when required.

Ground Level Training

Instructions To Loaders/Yard Staff

Handling cars efficiently such as wearing gloves, working without rings etc.

Car specifications for handlers and checkers.

Ensuring safety measures.

Non-aggressive driving.

Route counseling before each trip is a mandate.

Drivers are not allowed to drive more than 50kmph. Installed GPS system sets off the alarm if speed limit is crossed.

Instructions To Drivers
Instructions To Loaders/Yard Staff

After the completion of the trip, KMT’s team of experts conducts an analysis to improve continuous productivity and quality.

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